No 249 Hurricane Squadron

'With Fists and Heels'
Gold Coast Squadron

No 249 Squadron was first formed on the 18th of August 1918
They moved to Boscombe Down on the 14th of August 1940. The Squadron then transferred to North Weald on the 1st of September 1940.
R.A.Barton R.G.A.Barclay E.A.Bayley
H.Bouquillard J.M.Beard H.J.S.Beazley
P.R.F.Burton J.T.Crossie W.L.Davis
H.J.Davidson W.R.Evans R.D.S.Fleming
J.Grandy C.W.Hampshire F.W.G.Killingback
E.King M.A.King A.G.Lewis
K.T.Lofts P.A.Loweth A.D.W.Main
K.M.Macujowski W.W.McConnel J.McPhee
R.J.McNair J.R.B.Meaker W.H.Millington
J.B.Nicolson T.F.Neil G.C.C.Palliser
D.C.Parnell W.B.Pattullo G.Perrin
P.A.Rowell C.A.Rust R.Smithson
J.J.Solak C.A.C.Stone G.A.Stroud
A.R.F.Thompson Waghorn P.H.V.Wells
P.A.Worrall R.E.N.Wynn J.R.C.Young

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