No 65 Spitfire Squadron

"By Force of Arms"

East India Squadron

Squadron Leader H.C.Sawyer
Squadron Leader A.L.Holland

No 65 Squadron was formed on the 1st of August 1916 at Wyton and was disbanded on the 25th of October 1919. The Squadron was re-formed at Hornchurch on the 1st of August 1934 with Hawker Demons. In March 1939 they received their first Supermarine Spitfire's. They were involved in covering the withdrawal of the B.E.F. at Dunkirk.
No 65 was based at Hornchurch and also operated from Manston. It was transferred to Turnhouse on the 27th of August 1940

C.G.Chappell B.H.Drobinski B.Finucane
W.H.Franklin E.D.Glaser S.B.Grant
F.S.Gregory F.Gruszka N.E.Hancock
K.G.Hart C.R.Hewlett G.Hill
Hine A.L.Holland M.Keymer
L.R.Kilner D.I.Kirton E.B.Lyons
W.H.Maitland-Walker R.R.McPherson Mitchell
J.B.H.Nicholas R.K.C.Norwood L.G.C.Olive
H.C.Orchard N.T.Phillips L.L.Pyman
P.G.Rose J.Quill G.A.W.Saunders
H.C.Sawyer T.Smart R.L.Stillwell
W.Szulkowski G.Tabor R.G.Wigg

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