No 29 Blenheim Squadron 
Energetic and Keen

No 29 Squadron was formed on the 7th of November 1915 from personnel from No 23 Squadron at Gosport and was disbanded on the last day of 1919. It was reformed as a fighter Squadron on the 1st of April 1924 at Duxford. It became operational with Bristol Blenheim If's in October 1939 as night fighters. They received their first Bristol Beaufighters in early September of 1940 and started operations with them on the 17th of September 1940.

Squadron Leader S.C.Widdows
Pilots & Crew
J.S.Adams D.J.Anderson J.Ashworth
A.T.Austin E.H.Bee C.A.Bell
J.R.D.Braham J.Buchanan P.Byng-Hall
A.M.Campbell J.Cunningham T.Cupitt
A.G.Dannatt R.B.Davies W.S.Dossett
Duncan F.Edwards G.C.Everitt
D.R.Fawcett J.F.Fizell P.F.Freer
L.Fox R.R.Freeman T.L.French
H.R.Gilheat R.Gouldstone W.J.Gregory
Hall N.D.Harding J.D.Humphreys
D.J.Hunter D.W.Isherwood A.Jackson
N.Jacobson R.H.James E.Jones
L.G.H.Kells R.Lilley Lloyd
Llewellyn O.A.Logie R.S.Mallett
J.W.Mathers P.J.McAllister R.C.Moss
W.S.Munn Neer E.F.Newton
T.N.Nenage D.J.Parr R.Pearce
P.E.Penfold H.A.Pippard J.Price
R.A.Rhodes A.J.A.Roberts D.L.Ryalls
A.Service V.H.Skillen O.K.Sly
R.E.Stevens S.Stokoe E.F.Taylor
K.Taylor P.A.Tomlinson G.A.Waller
L.G.Watson A.A.Wilsdon W.C.Wilson
V.Wingfield C.V.Winn

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