No 23 Blenheim Squadron 
"Always on the attack"

Squadron Leader G. Heycock
No 23 Squadron was formed on the 1st of September 1915 at Gosport. It was disbanded on the 31st of December 1919. It was re-formed on the 1st of July 1925 and equipped with Sopwith Snipes followed by Gloster Gamecocks. In 1931 they were flying Bristol Bulldogs and Hawker Harts. It was in December 1938 that they converted to Blenheim 1f's. Their main task during the Battle was as night fighters.

No 23 Squadron was based at the Colly Weston Satellite on the 16th of August 1940 and moved to Middle Wallop and Ford (Fleet Air Arm Station) 13th of September 1940.

W.N.Addison C.R.Aindow E.D.Ainge
S.Ainsworth J.G.C.Angus H.T.Archer
 A.A.Atkinson C.C.M. Baker D.Bell
Bicknell L.C.Bicknell J.S.Brennan
J.J.Booth C.G.Burton K.Butterworth
D.B.Campbell B.Capel C.F.Cardnell
J.C.Cheetham H.R.Cooke R.W.Cullen
J.E.Dann A.M.S.Dargie S.S.Duff
C.R.Durrant P.S.B.Ensor W.T.Fletcher
C.L. M.Forsyth J.Francis W.D.Gaunt
A.A.Gawith J.V.Gill J.L.Gillespie
H.E.Grellis G.J.Grogan N.M.Harding
W.R.Hughes Hunter-Tod A.E.Johnson
G.B.Johnson L.R.Karasek R.A.L.Knight
L.Langley H.I.MacRory J.W.Mathers
K.L.Mathews  W.D.Mcadam P.J.McAllister
J.McDermott S.F.Miles A.J.Miller
J.B.Mills G.Mitchell T.G.F.Nicholls
W.Nixen R.R.J.Nute G.D.Oliver
E.Orgias E.Parry E.E.Parsons
R.I.Payne W.J.Pearce V.W.R.Penfold
H.T.Perry A.Pilkington G.R.Pushman
C.C.Reilly E.C.Roberts J.S.Rose
W.S.Ruddock A.Sampson J.N.Senior
J.Smallman G.Southall W.R.Stevens
C.Stephens M.Stuart F.Sumner
W.Waring K.R.Wood A.J.Willans
H.J.Woodward R.C.Young

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