Mk X
Engines Two 1,735 h.p. Bristol Hercules XVII radials
Span 57ft 10ins
Length 42 ft 6 ins
Height l5ft 10 ins
Weight empty 15,600 lb
Weight loaded 25,400 lb
Crew number Two
Maximum speed 303 m.p.h. at 1,300 ft
Service ceiling 15,000 ft
Normal range 1,470 miles (maximum)
Armament Four 20 mm. Hispano cannon, one .303 Browning machine gun;
One 1,650 lb or 2,127 lb torpedo; or 8 R.P. plus two 250 lb bombs
The Beaufighter was a home defence night-fighter, also used for long-range escort-fighter and ground-attack roles, and as anti-shipping duties. Other roles were bomber, torpedo-carrier and rocket fighter.
It was a two-seater, twin-engine design, with a considerable top speed of 303 m.p.h. and substantial armament which made it a very formidable adversary in its night-fighting role. It  started its service in September 1940 with Fighter Command, and by November, radar (airborne interception) equipment had been added for its night-fighter task.
Armament comprised four 20 mm. cannon, and one .303 Browning machine gun.



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