No 234 Spitfire Squadron
'We Spit Fire and Death'

Squadron Leader J.S.O'Brien
Squadron Leader M.Blake
No 234 was formed in the August of 1918
Moved to Middle Wallop on the 14th of August 1940, and returned to St. Eval on the  11th of September 1940

G.J.Bailey R.E.Barnett G.T.Baynham
C.H.Bell M.Blake M.C.B.Boddington
M.F.Briggs P.G.F.Brown F.H.P.Conner
K.S.Dewhurst R.F.T.Doe I.N.Edwards
W.H.G.Gordon G.K.Gout C.E.Hamilton
R.Hardy A.S.Harker C.H.Hight
D.N.Hookway W.H.Hornby P.W.Horton
P.C.Hughes C.P.Igglesden T.M.Kane
Z.Klein Laurence K.A.Lawrence
R.MacKay J.S.O'Brien Z.Olenski
C.L.Page V.Parker G.W.Rogers
G.L.Ritcher E.B.M.Rose H.Sharpley
J.B.Shepherd L.E.Smith J.Szlagowski
J.G.Theilmann W.W.Thompson E.W.Wootten
H.J.Wotton J.S.Young J.Zurakowski

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