No 219 Blenheim Squadron 
'From Dusk Till Dawn'

Squadron Leader J. H. Little
Squadron Leader A.E.Clouston
Squadron Leader E.C.Wolfe
No 219 Squadron was first formed on the 22nd of July 1918 and was disbanded on the 7th of February 1920. The Squadron was re-formed at Catterick on the 4th of October 1939 as a Night Fighter Squadron with borrowed Mentors and Magisters from No 26 Squadron and one Blenheim borrowed from No 64 Squadron

 Pilots & Crew
A.Aitkin S.Austin T.H.Banister
R.V.Baron R.Bell G.W.Benn
H.W.Berridge C.Beverage T.Birkett
D.C.Bunch J.C.Carrier C.E.P.Castle
J.A.Clandillon W.T.M.Clark R.V.Cook
 E.Coomes K.G.Cresty H.K.Crook
H.R.Crowley C.W.Dodge J.H.Duart
O.A.Dupee B.E.Dye G.C.Gardiner
V.D.Gee H.G.Goddard C.Goodwin
A.E.Gregory E.G.Grubb H.F.Grubb
R.C.Hall C.B.Hamilton J.Hardcastle
T.P.Harnett A.R.J.Harrison G.M.Head
D.D.Hendry D.O.Hobbis A.J.Hodgkinson
H.Jacobs J.Keatings E.R.Lacey
D.M.Lake W.G.M.Lambie T.Le Dong
G.M.Leslie W.Lowther T.R.Marshall
J.P.McCaul G.M.Mean F.G.Nightingale
H.Owen D.J.Pearcy C.C.Pyne
R.E.B.Sargent G.E.Shepperd J.Sinclair
L.Smith R.B.G.Summers J.G.Topham
G.T.Williams R.F.Willis K.W.Worsdell

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