No 611 Spitfire Squadron

West Lancashire Squadron

Squadron Leader J.McComb
No 611 Squadron was formed on the 10th of February 1939.
They operated from a Satellite Station in the Duxford Sector, from the 11th of September 1940.

J.W.Allison R.A.Angus M.P.Brown
A.D.Burt C.A.W.Carter A.S.Darling
L.E.Freese J.Gadd B.D.E.Hay
T.W.R.Healy B.Heath C.A.T.Jones
E.N.Kelsey W.J.Leather S.A.Levenson
C.H.Macfie D.A.Maxwell P.Oliver
D.H.O'Niell L.R.Parker K.C.Pattison
R.E.Plant P.S.C.Pollard H.S.Sadler
F.D.S.Scott-Maldon F.E.R.Shepherd K.M.Stoddart
N.Sutton J.R.G.Sutton J.R.Walker
D.H.Watkins T.D.Williams

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