No 3 Hurricane Squadron 
Third Shall Be First
Squadron Leader S.F.Godden
Squadron Leader M. M. Stephens

No 3 Squadron is the oldest Squadron in the R.A.F. and was formed on the 13th of May 1912. Between the wars they flew Hawker Woodcocks and Gloster Gamecocks and Bristol Bulldogs and the Gloster Gladiators. They re-equipped with Hawker Hurricane's in March 1938 at Kenly. But due to an accident reverted back to Gladiators (Kenly was deemed too small for Hurricane's) until they moved to Biggin Hill in May 1939. The Squadron was in France in May1940 attached to No 63 Wing during the retreat. After the fall of France the Squadron was stationed at Wick for the defence of Scapa Flow. Its major task was convoy patrols. They moved to Castletown on the 7th of September 1940.

J.J.H.Bandinel D.L.Bisgood A.F.Butterick
F.R.Carey E.T.Cosby Fletcher
E.G.Ford R.H.Furneaux Fotheringham
C.N.Foxley-Norris Francis A.H.B.Friendship
Gallus W.M.Gardiner S.F.Godden
P.A.Harris J.B.Hobbs C.G. St.D.Jefferies
D.A.E.Jones P.Kennett J.Lonsdale
R.McDougall R.J.McNair R.R.Miller
H.R.Mitchell A.R.More A.I.Osmand
G.C.Pannell A.M.W.Scott J.A.Sims
H.A.Sprague G.S.Taylor C.B.Temlett
R.E.Tongue F.H.Tyson C.A.B.Wallace
R.T.Ware F.S.Watson J.W.White
M.T.Whinney R.C.Wilkinson W.C.Willis

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