No 25 Blenheim Squadron

Striking I Defend 

Squadron Leader W.W.Loxton
Squadron Leader H.M.Mitchell

No 25 Squadron was formed on the 25th of September 1915 at Montrose as Fighter/Bomber Squadron equipped with F.E.2b's.
The Squadron became a nightfighter unit in 1938 and re-equipped with Blenheim If's. In 1940 they had a flight of Blenheim V's equipped with A1 radar. Bristol Beaufighters became available to them in September 1940 and became operational in the 10th of October 1940.

Pilots & Crew
R.Ambrose D.H.Baggeley W.E.Barrett
A.A.Bennison B.Bent R.C.Berwick
J.Bignall F.Blenkharn P.W.Broom
A.W.Brown C.H.Bull Calthorpe
R.J.Candy E.Cassidy G.Charnock
J.W.Compton Cory G.Cottam
W.Cowen R.G.Crossman J.D.Culmer
F.W.Curtis J.W.Ditzel Draby
W.A.C.Emmett F.Fildes A.R.Friend
A.J.Gooderham Gothotrpe M.J.Herrick
A.M.Hill W.H.Hobbs W.H.Hodds
D.W.Hogg E.J.Hollis S.V.Holloway
K.B.Hollowell G.Holmes B.G.Hooper
B.Howe J.McM.Hughes C.A.Johnson
G.Kensall H.M.S.Lambert W.G.Lewis
J.G.Lingard W.W.Loxton H.S.Lusk
K.R.Lusty A.McL.Lyall J.Lynch
H.R.Main J.B.McCormack J.Medworth
T.H.Miller H.M.Mitchell E.W.L.Monk
E.R.Phillips J.Phillips R.R.C.Pound
W.Powell J.S.Pugh J.W.Pye
P.G.Rich D.F.Roberts B.J.Roff
A.L.Romanis A.R.Ross C.D.S.Smith
P.R.Smith W.G.Snape A.T.Sword-Daniels
A.J.Theasby J.R.Thompson R.N.Turnbull

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