F/O A.Ingle of No 605 Squadron was wounded with slight cuts to the face on the 27th of October 1940 when his Hurricane I (V7599) sustained some battle damage and suffered a forced landing at Barcombe, Sussex at 09:40hrs. A.Ingle was wounded again on the 1st of December 1940, he baled out of his Hurricane I (V7609) after combat with a Bf 109 over Hollingbourne.
F/Lt M.M.Irving of No 607 Squadron was reported missing on the 28th of September 1940 at 15:00hrs. He was shot down into the sea whilst flying a Hurricane I (R4189) South East of Selsey by a Bf 109.
Sgt. L.R.Isaac of No 64 Squadron was shot down and killed in his Spitfire I (L1029) by a Bf 109 off Folkstone on the 5th of August 1940 at 08:50hrs.
Sgt T.C.Iveson of No 616 Squadron crash landed his Spitfire I (R6690) into the sea on the 16th of September 1940 at 10:30hrs and was saved. He ran out of fuel chasing a Ju 88 off Cromer.