No 312 (Czech) Hurricane Squadron

'Not Many But Much'

No 312 Czech Squadron was created on the 5th of September 1940 and become operation on the 2nd of October 1940 defending  Liverpool.

Their first kill was a Ju 88 on the 8th of October 1940 over Merseyside. No 312 Squadron was equiped with Mk.I  Hurricane's and based at Duxford from the 5th of September 1940 and moved to Speke in Lancashire on the 26th of September 1940. Commanders of No 312 Squadron during battle were Squadron Leader F.H.Tyson and Squadron Leader J.K.Ambrus.
J.K.Ambrus J.Bartos F.Chabepa
H.A.G.Comeford R.D.Dunscome J.Duda
A.Hlobil J.A.Jaske J.Keprt
O.Hanzlicek N.L.Ievers V.Slouf
J.Stehlik F.Truhlar A.Vasatko
V.Vesely Vrana T.Vybiral

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