Squadron Leader H.C.Sawyer

The following details were very kindly sent to me including the pictures by his son M.J.H.Sawyer It might take a little while to load as there are some newspaper cuttings that I have put in as pictures.
S/L Henry Cecil 'Sam' Sawyer flew with No 65 Squadron until the 2nd of August 1940. He was taking off for night patrol, somewhere between 02:00 and 03:00hrs. He was not very experienced at night flying in the Spitfire I (R6799) and was probably blinded by the glare from the exhaust and climbed too steeply. He stalled and crashed and the Spitfire I (R6799) minutes after take off.
The following letter will explain the details of the accident. I have removed the address for their privacy.



H.C.(Sam) Sawyer is in the cockpit.