Monday the 30th of September 1940

Day: Many raids in the morning, two of which were centred on London. Both of these were broken up with only a few raiders getting through. Other fighter and fighter bomber raids range over Dorset.
Two further large formations come across during the afternoon. The one by He-111's tries to bomb the Westland factory at Yeovil which had just begun to prepare for Spitfire production, but failed to find the target because of cloud. The other is scattered over the Weybridge and Windsor area.
This was to be the last big daylight battle, the bombers now mainly attack at night.

Night: The raid on London is scattered by accurate anti-aircraft fire, and as a result bombs were dropped on the suburbs. Other attacks were on East Anglia, Liverpool and Bristol.

Losses: Luftwaffe 46 : Fighter Command 18.

Weather: Fair with light cloud.