Here is a poem Elsa Beattie sent to this website. Her father (now deceased) wrote in tribute to "THE GALLANT FEW"- I thought it may be of interest to all of you. 


Heroes of Arnhem, gallant few,
You showed what British grit can do;
Through each succeeding day and night,
You battled on without respite.

Outnumbered by a desperate foe,
You dealt them many a mortal blow;
The Second Army, in your rear,
Tried hard, but couldn't reach your sphere.

At last, Montgomery's order came,
But your withdrawal meant no shame;
Yours was an epic, gallant deed,
Victory your sacrifice will speed.

Undaunted still, you came away,
You mean to fight another day;
You'll have revenge for those who fell,
In Arnhem's blazing patch of Hell.

Throughout the world you've earned fame,
Each country hails your gallant name;
We of the Second Army, too,
Proudly salute - "THE GALLANT FEW"

L/Cpl. A. Barr. 193 Fd. Amb. R.A.S.C.